Steam Vacuum Cleaner

As the name suggests, steam vacuum cleaners utilise steam in order to ease the cleaning process and is generally used for powerful, heavy duty cleaning of larger surface areas.

We have a wide range of vacuum steam cleaners available, in addition to add-ons and other accessories to tailor your machine to suit your exact needs and requirements.

  • Swiss-made products
  • Steam temperature up to 150 degrees
  • Up to 50% time-saving with the steam vacuum unit
  • Less water and no detergent consumption (green product)
  • Steam and dry in one operation (bacteria and virus-free)
  • Sanitising surfaces
  • Multiple accessories available
  • Restroom
  • Professional kitchens
  • Stewarding area
  • Cleans grout, walls, floors and tiles
  • Sanitising food factories
Benefits of Steam Vacuum Cleaners

Compared to regular vacuum cleaners, steam vacuum cleaners can help you save up to 50% of your time due to its power and efficiency. It is very useful when cleaning uneven surfaces as the steam will ensure that all grooves will be cleansed properly.

In addition, it also does not require as much water and detergent as other cleaning machines, but is equally as effective at cleaning dirty surfaces. As a matter of fact, surfaces that are cleaned by the vacuum steam cleaner will be free of bacteria and germs because of the heat of the steam emitted. This ensures that the surface is thoroughly cleansed and does not pose any health hazards.

How It Works

The steam vacuum cleaner works on the premise of steaming and extraction, with the process completed in a single operation. This ensures the best possible cleaning results, making it suitable for both commercial and industrial usage. Stubborn dirt can be removed without a hitch, while footprints, oil or even fat pose no problems to the steam vacuum cleaner. The powerful unit ensures that windows, walls, tiles and floors will be left shiny and clean, in addition to being germ free.

Steam vacuum cleaners are commonly used to clean bathrooms, professional kitchens, and other spaces in commercial buildings. It is available in 3 power variations, ensuring there will be something to fit the needs of everyone. However, steam vacuum cleaners should not be used to treat surfaces or floors that are exposed to dust and liquids that are hazards to health.

Using the long, bent jet nozzle, the steam vacuum cleaner can tackle areas that are usually hard to reach, while the wall and ceiling nozzle allows for cleaning of tiles, leaving it shiny and glowing. The small wall nozzle is used for treating rough walls, with the brush helping to clean grooves, and the shortened crevice tool allows the vacuum to reach and clean small, porous surfaces.

If you are unsure of which model is suitable for you, please contact us or speak to one of our representatives.