Hydroguard Malaysia Distributor

As a certified Hydroguard Malaysia distributor, Städa carries the full range of Hydroguard water filter systems to suit all customer needs and purposes, be it for residential or office usage. We also carry a wide variety of peripheral equipment and add-ons to ensure that your water filtration system is tailor made to suit all your needs and requirements.

Products are designed in Sweden, but R&D has been localised to ensure that products are able to filter Malaysian water supply efficiently and effectively, as well as meeting global health standards.

About Hydroguard

With a presence in the water filter industry for the best part of 40 years, Hydroguard has long been recognised as one of the industry leaders, supplying water filters to homes and residential areas all over the world as well as developing water treatment plants for hospitals, factories and F&B establishments. Hydroguard is committed to providing safe water to have a positive impact on the lifestyles of its customers!

In tandem with a team of vastly experienced water technologists, engineers and chemists, the Hydroguard brand was developed to address the needs and challenges of water filtration in Malaysia. The range of products offered by Hydroguard are made with the best quality material sourced from manufacturing world leaders, which ensures its durability and efficiency. Hydroguard takes great pride in their products which are built for life, and with regular maintenance and care, these filters can perform at an optimum level for years and years to come.

Hydroguard water filters are safe as they will not oxidise or corrode, while the vessels will not crack or explode, even when exposed to extreme pressure. This difference gives Hydroguard water filters an edge when compared to other brands, as well as its compliance with global quality standards and safety legislations.

Customer Care

With 40 branches present in Malaysia, service is quick and efficient, with fully-committed professionals handling installation and maintenance wherever you are. Hydroguard also believes in strong after sales service to complement its superior products, with trained water consultants, engineers, plumbers and more available to help ensure that your experience is a good one!