Customer Commitment

We are not simply a distributor of cleaning equipment and products; we want to be your long-term solution and consultant to help you solve all your cleaning needs. By partnering with us, you will be under our expert care and will receive guidance every step of the way with regards to your growing needs or expectations.

In addition, you can expect exemplary after sales service as we strive to ensure that all our clients stay with us for the long-term. We strongly believe in the concept of customer care and continuously endeavour to make your needs and concerns our top priority. Your loyalty will translate to a fruitful partnership with us!

Health and Safety Policy

The company attaches great importance to health and safety matters. As a good corporate citizen we, the company take upon ourselves as far as practicable, the task of ensuring that in the course of carrying out our business, the health and safety of all staff, business partners and visitors are not compromised.

We also believe in the mantra “Safety is non - negotiable”. All front- liners, and in particular our service technicians are required to sit for the yearly examinations conducted by NIOSH (National Institute of Safety and Health), as well as receiving typhoid injections every 3 years.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is simple. It should exceed that which our customers and business partners are expecting, both in after sales and service and product quality. In terms of the letter, our products should as far as possible be certified under ISO 9001.

PAT: Portable Appliance Test

PAT is a process by which electrical appliances undergo routine inspections to ensure safety, and is a process that is commonly used in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. We are one of the few companies in the region that implements this test on our products, to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our customers.