UAS Malaysia Distributor

United Air Specialists (UAS) covers all parts of the industrial filtration processes, ensuring that customers can customise equipment to suit their requirements. With a heavy focus on maintaining the purity of air, UAS systems are renowned as global market leaders in the field of air quality.

As an authorised UAS distributor for Malaysia, Städa carries the full range of products as well as other peripherals and accessories in order to customise products to meet all your needs.

About UAS

With over 45 years of experience at the forefront of the air quality technology industry, UAS is a brand name that is trusted and known worldwide. Constantly improving and innovating new methods to keep up with the fast changing landscape, this helps to maintain the product quality as well as quickly adapting to new industry challenges. Design and durability are two important aspects of the manufacturing process, which is recognised by UAS, resulting in top quality air pollution control equipment that provides clean air solutions.

With offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and China, UAS has a global presence as well as experience in various markets which is essential for tackling the different problems and challenges posed across locations.

As customers are the top priority, UAS always ensures commitment to maintaining and exceeding standards with high quality products and services in order not to just meet, but go beyond customers’ expectations. UAS strongly believes in putting quality first in order to reduce costs and maximise efficiency.

UAS also constantly invests in R&D, which helps to advance and maintain the market advantage, with cutting edge products that help to improve processes, methods and systems. The importance of staying ahead of the curve is paramount to the continued success of UAS, hence the heavy emphasis on technology to ensure that the products are always one step ahead.

Custom-made equipment

Producing a wide range of industrial dust collectors and mist collectors, UAS also offers a variety of replacement filters to suit all industrial needs and requirements. Depending on the market or industry, these products can also be customised accordingly to suit the customers’ need.